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Foreword: Most games in that way are affected by western or eastern "patriotism" and therefore not neutral Скачать На Андроид Игры Мэнтар Хоспертоль 2 This game pretends to be neutral, but indeed it bears a lot of advantages for American faction players Indeed a wide spreaded opinion seems to be:'The easiest faction to play and win: USThe faction, more difficult to play and stay: SUThe hardest to play faction, where every victory is blood, pain and rare as amber - WW2 Germany 'I'm starting with a table to come to a fast conclusion and overview Details are following after that After round 35 hours of playtime(waiting times included :P ) here's my first conclusion Pro argumentsContra argumentsAdvanced dev progress for an Early Access/F2P gameClose to realistic damage/gravitationThe controversal underdog-bonusUnbalanced faction items(US)initial, strategic situation not adjustedAdvantages At-a-glance-Overview:US: Weapon advantage - Underdog-Bonus - "Serious Players"(~30%)SU: Weapon advantage - Underdog-Bonus - "Serious Players"(~25%)GER: Weapon advantage - Underdog-Bonus - "Serious Players"(~20%)A neutral point:About Support "If you don't have more than 50h playtime they won't even read your ticket about cheating players " that's what I was told inside the lobby chat multiple times Fact is, that the support decided since April 7th not to answer any support tickets, regarding hacker reports to optimize workflow Not the best policy obviously, but yet a point to clean up with prejudices --- More Detail ---Pros: "Good basics mean a good start"About Early Access This game has a lot of potential, looking at the bullet mechanics, the decision to make about equipment and weight, the amount of accessable vehicles(at least if unlocked finally, finally finally ) and the big sized maps in mid-game progress(finally finally) About damage and grav You can still survive more bullets and keep fighting than a Soldier in WW2 normally could have, but it's acceptable and realistic enough For beginners: If you generally get hit by a bullet from another, simple starting rifle it takes up to three of them alltogether to die(if none of them impacts your head) And bullets become affected by gravity, so you have to aim higher in order to hit a far away target Contras: "Ingame progress and balancing issues "I'm not yet sure how the boni system works in war, I observed in different wars by now that you always get boni as american and russian faction member, so most players play either on Russia's or America's side, because the general progress to gain XP and earn "ingame money" takes too long to choose a country without any bonus About the controversal "underdog-bonus feature" A dev's forum posting:The underdog bonus is a feature designed to even out the factions to make the campaign more balanced The goal is to have the same amount of Assault Teams available for all factions This is of course an impossible goal but we want to get as close as possible to help minimize resource waiting time (at least in the beginning of a war) and make the strategy gameplay more fun for everybody But as it sounds as a rebalancement for the first view, reveals itself as pushing factions who are already pushed by weapons/vehicles before The problem here is the community partly, because there are non-german players, that joins WW2 Germany (for reasons) and are split in three "special" groups of interests(A basic percentage of 20% of players are doing their really best to try to compensate these groups):| The faltering group | ~30% of playersThe first one wants to play the game but has a semi constant feeling for their faction to win because they're either localized member of the other factions or not represented at all So mostly they are lacking of passion for it, yes it sounds bad, but it's like every other competitive MP game; if you have players which play with shared attention or half-hearted, you'll gonna loose, if your contrahents don't have more of them | The fooling-round group | ~20% of playersThe smallest group in total view, but nontheless there Aand everybody knows him That guy that overruns his teammates with his brand new jeep, (switched here because doing so in GTA 3-5 has become too common?) while throwing grenades (despite the aiming help) that bad that it surely hurts his own comrades Yes, noobs also do it and it happens some experienced players also, but some individiuals are extremely conspicuous And they are sadly appearing in | The experimental group | ~30% of playersThey just wanna play another faction one time and try it out in the middle of a war instead of the skirmishes which originally are built for training and experments But if you play for a faction you don't want to win at all, why not doing so? Another reason to play a faction you don't play like it's your own would be - I dare to say that - a very small percentage within this group, that knows how the underdog "feature" works and uses this knowledge to push their faction with that boni Other factions' percentages:As this game takes long enough to equip and skill a character well enough to be of use for your faction, I didn't play other factions yet So the only thing I'm sure enough about to say is the basic percentage, that is obviously higher than with the WW2 Germany faction simply because there are more patriotic Therefore the US-faction would reach a basic percentage of about 35-40% and the SU a value of about 30-35% of players that try to pull the chestnuts out of the fire Unbalanced items and and strategic setupThis is just a small snapshot, because it may take 50-100 hous of game time to unlock all of the content by yourself and I'm not sure if I can spend that long with this title So the few I'm sure about are half self experience, half informations from players with more playtime than me and some recherches about it by myself to lower the subjective influence |About anbalanced items For the moment it appears that most US weapons have advantages in comparison to WW2 Germany or SU This circumstance might be lore technical correct for some of that affected weapons, but surely not for all of it |About conversions and strategic setup There are some advantages WW2 Germany has had that doesn't appear inside the game, because it's pretty hard to set it up in a relevant way For example the land mass, conquered by WW2 Ger (and obviously the countries the SU invaded) should have been much larger than it actually is when starting a new generals-campaign So if you have a WW2 setting you have to rebuilt the advantages and disadvantages as well, else it's just colored propaganda So in short fact the setup should be a mirror of europe in 1941, when the US joined war(https://upload wikimedia org/wikipedia/commons/1/1d/WWII_Europe_1941-1942_Map_EN png) Sure, it's an asymetric initial setup, but when has war ever been balanced? What we have atm ingame is a unbalancement in weapons and an EXP- plus a (90% in ervery cases) war credit-bonus for US and SU while the starting positions are in a disadvantaged status for WW2 Ger and therefore balanced? Inconsequent more likely So balance all weapons, Boni and starting setups the same way or make it an authentic scenario, which is not balanced in any way Making a compromiss results in an outsider country which never gets boni, has a weapon disadvantage, but hey - the same initial start position setup!Conclusion: This game needs a big update for rebalancement


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Heroes & Generals  скачать на пк бета версия
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Heroes & Generals

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Heroes & Generals  скачать на пк бета версия
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скачать игры через торрент heroes and generals basis - Imgur

5 days ago - Торрент игры, Generals. 04 для игры через Heroes Generals скачать на пк бета версия Minecraft 0. Скачать игру generals 3 через ...

Heroes & Generals  скачать на пк бета версия
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На веб сайте вы сможете скачать полные версии игр для pc через ... безвозмездно игру на Heroes Generals скачать на пк бета версия Minecraft 0.

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Heroes & Generals в Steam

Jul 11, 2014 - Heroes & Generals является первым бесплатным массовым ... “We're approaching the end of our Open Beta/Early Access phase, but ... Чем планируемая полная версия будет отличаться от версии в раннем доступе?

Heroes & Generals  скачать на пк бета версия
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Heroes & Generals - Download

Heroes & Generals download is no longer available in Softonic. Why not consider these ... PLAY Heroes & Generals - Beta Videolog 3 Crace & Dietl. 1. Heroes ...

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